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Newsletter RFID Z-CARD® proves a success in Ireland

January 2011

The innovative RFID Z-CARD®s offer an all-in-one compact, portable solution combining a smartcard ticket and user information.

RFID Z-CARD® proves a success in Ireland

Since launching the RFID Z-CARD® in 2010 for Dublin Bus we have produced three orders for the 3 day Freedom Ticket and will continue to produce the smart ticketing solution in 2011.

The 3 day Freedom Ticket Z-CARD® is available for purchase across Dublin. Tourists simply hold the Z-CARD® to a smartcard ticket reader on the bus to activate their pass for the three day period.

Partnering with ticketing specialists, Z-CARD® Ltd is able to deliver RFID solutions to meet any number of technical specifications.

RFID Z-CARD®s can be used for:

  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Exhibitions
  • Sport/Music events
  • Retail
  • Universities

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