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Newsletter Bridging the gap between print and online

April 2011

Increasingly successful brands are using bridge technologies to combine the strengths of print and digital. Print has longevity - particularly our Z-CARD® solutions. Digital is immediate and engaging. Together they create more impact for your marketing.

QR codes and Augmented Reality are two key bridge technologies.

Bridging the gap between print and online

Augmented Reality - complete brand engagement

This is an incredible showcase technology. A printed picture on the Z-CARD® is transformed into 3D on-screen in front of your eyes. Customers can interact with your product or brand as though it was immediately in front of them.

The Augmented Reality Z-CARD® can become:

  • your product in the customer's hands
  • a controller for your brand engagement video game
  • a 3D animation
  • multiple experiences your customer won't forget

If you'd like to learn more about Augmented Reality, call us on 020 7924 5147 or email sales@zcard.com.

QR codes - simple, measurable, immediate

A simple technology with huge opportunities. QR codes trigger immediate action. They are scanned using a mobile phone camera, taking the customer directly to your mobile website or eCommerce store.

This bridge technology is low cost, easy to set up and can be included on any Z-CARD® format. Measurement is also straightforward, so you can track the ROI of each campaign.

If you'd like to learn more about QR codes simply call us on 020 7924 5147 or email sales@zcard.com.

Create more impact with your communications budget. Talk to us about the bridge technologies that helped us win a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Excellence Award in 2011.

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