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Newsletter PocketMedia® Awards - Winners Announced!

July 2011

The competition for the 2011 PocketMedia® Awards was fierce and we received 4,965 votes, an increase of over 300% compared to last year's competition! The results are in and we are pleased to announce the winners.

PocketMedia® Awards - Winners Announced!

Winner: Best Use of PocketMedia® - Loughborough University
The Loughborough University mathscard campaign continues to lead the way in providing an engaging Z-CARD® that is highly valued by its target audience. Over 2 million mathscard Z-CARD®s have been distributed to schools in the UK. Since the launch of the new Z-CARD® in January 2010, there have been over 63,000 new visitors to the mathscard website.

Winner: Most Creative Design - South Ayrshire Council
The Cycling in South Ayrshire PocketMedia® campaign was designed to make the most of the Z-CARD® format. It contained safety advice for cyclists and information on local attractions, all packaged in a user-friendly product that can be carried easily in the pocket. The laminated finish also protected the design from the tough Scottish weather!

Winner: Most Successful Campaign - TFL / M&C Saatchi
TFL / M&C Saatchi used PocketMedia® for their Safer Travel at Night campaign. The solution comprised information on public transport, legal cabs and general safety information. 71% of respondents strongly agreed that "seeing (the Z-CARD®) would make me take a safer transport option than an illegal or unbooked cab".

Winner: Judges' Choice Award - MEC / Sony Ericsson
The judges have awarded an additional prize to MEC / Sony Ericsson, who used PocketMedia® for their X10 Mini and Mini Pro Launch campaign. MEC / Sony Ericsson won the Judges' Choice Award in recognition of the strong interactive nature of the design, which included a comprehensive city and fashion guide as well as a competition element for readers of More and Heat magazines. The competition was a huge success, with double the average entries in More and triple the average in Heat.

Winner: Highly Commended - Urban Saints
The Urban Saints MIMIC campaign showed a great example of dual-purpose PocketMedia®. The MIMIC Z-CARD® packages a lot of information in a clear and concise manner and also serves as a web driver - directing recipients to the online MIMIC programme.

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