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Our Work These examples are some of our portfolio favourites.

Each client had a distinct message to communicate. We worked with them to deliver the optimum PocketMedia® solution.
Translink How do you encourage the public to go travelling?
With the huge success of the 'Go Card' campaign Translink worked alongside the Department of Transport, Main Roads Queensland and Z-CARD® to further expand on their initiative. Producing the 'Gold Coast Go Explore' card provides travellers with visitor information and handy travel tips.

Each panel of the 6-column Credit Card sized Z-CARD® is jam packed with information, including maps of train and bus networks, useful tips, a list of top things to see and do, a destination map and a retainable guide to using your go card.

Spanning 8 orders since 2012- Translink have produced over a whopping 2 million units with continued reprints in the near future. Truly Z-CARD® champions!
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